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Graham Davies
Founder of Skills4Sports

I have been a registered sports coach for many years since my career began at Hartlepool United FITC (Football in the Community),and been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with many motivated people and organisations both voluntary amateur and professional, who’s insight and wisdom spurred me on and guided me towards the position I now hold. After being made redundant by Sunderland AFC (FITC) along with many other coaches at that time, I pursued freelance options which have led to me currently working as an independent sports coach, providing teaching support in primary schools in the North East of England. Over the years many teachers have asked me to provide easy to follow session plans that they can use in conjunction with their curriculum, enabling them to create the best opportunities they can without additional costs to their budget for equipment or knowledge from websites that generally charge for their information. Likewise many parents often look for help and guidance to support and work with their children for a healthier lifestyle or to just have fun together. Entry level to experienced coaches have indicated they would like to obtain instant access to regularly updated session plans specifically structured to further develop their players and teams.

My dream is to provide a comprehensive site free of charge to all, bursting at the seams with everything anybody will ever need to know to motivate, perform and excel in their chosen sport for all the years to come. This will be achieved by correlating the information and diagrams generously supplied by teachers, coaches, players and managers. I approached Jonathan Dearlove an independent designer who had the technical knowledge and insight to create this inspirational website for all to enjoy. We believe that it is the responsibility of us all to pass on our skills, knowledge and experience to anyone who wants to take advantage of the opportunities available. Bridging the gap by paving the way to goal achievement.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and thank you in advance for your participation.


We here at Skills4Sports feel very strongly that we all as coaches, teachers, parents and role models have a responsibility to provide the very best training, fitness and motivation for our children, no matter what age, race, gender or social background. Our aim is to provide access to professional standard techniques and information without having to pay premium costs to substandard websites which often still fail to deliver even the basic requirements for our youth.

Our aim is to make accessible a vast database of technical and easy to follow training drills and exercises, dietary information, health and safety requirements, government guidelines, injury prevention, and advice, plus forums, notice boards and links to what’s on offer in your area all free of charge to everyone from amateur and professional coaches, teachers, local and national youth organisations, parents and children themselves.


All that stands between this dream concept and unlimited benefits to all the nation is a few moments of your time to send us a brief diagram of a favourite training exercise or sports drill and a paragraph or two explaining why you chose that specific one above others from your repertoire. We believe that if you and other professional sports representatives are able to become involved it will have a positive effect on all who view the site and bring the public a little closer to their heroes and heroines.

Please take 5 minutes to share your drills, skills and games

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The drills below are organised into their relevant categories and are available as a downloadable PDF.

Skills4Sports also includes a recommendation for use with Key stage 1 (1) and Key Stage 2 (2). The recommendation will be stated next to the name of the drill.

Feedback: Let us know what you think of the drills, what works well and what doesn't, areas which can be improved and any other comments are welcome, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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